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May 15, 2022

Ming-Chi Kuo is back in the news with some information and incites on Apple’s future product direction. Kuo recently tweeted the following:

Tweet by Ming-Chi Kuo

What does this mean? Based on the information, Apple is thinking about or they've created a smaller version of the Apple TV. This new version will be an Apple TV dedicated stick that consumers can insert into their TVs. The device will be similar to Amazon's Fire Stick. It's been reported that a recession is nigh. Therefore, a new version of a cheaper, more affordable Apple TV will bring more individuals who were hesitant before entering the ecosystem.

In my opinion, I think this is a good move for Apple. Offering a cheaper version of the Apple TV is genius. But what are the key features of this smaller device? Will it include a remote, or will it rely on the TV app built into the iPhone and iPad? What about tvOS? There are a lot of questions "if" Apple chooses to take the device to market.

Mark Gurman reported today that Apple, who's had issues acquiring car companies, is now looking to purchase Canoo, a struggling electric-vehicle startup. When it comes to contracting companies, Apple is no slouch. Behind the scenes, Apple bought a few autonomous vehicle companies and hired experts in the field. It's only a matter of time before Apple will present what they've been working on. Canoo has been struggling, and with Apple's acquisition, both companies could get what they want. According to Gurman, Canoo has worked on a project, their Lifestyle Vehicle, which sparked the interest of Apple and their future vehicle. Apple has big intentions for their vehicle, a fully autonomous vehicle. Can you imagine Apple and Canoo successfully bringing this type of vehicle to market? Apple has changed the music industry, movies, phones, and computers, and now it could change how we view vehicle transportation.

Lastly, Gurman reports Apple's intentions to switch their lightning connection to USB-C. Thanks to the European Union demanding that Apple make the change, we could see USB-C implemented into the new iPhones. Gurman was told that Apple is testing the feature and planning to offer an adapter for backward compatibility. If true, it's safe to say that USB-C will be available in the iPhone 15 and not the 14 because the plans for the 14 are finalized and manufactured. USB-C is one feature that tech enthusiasts have been begging for for years; with Kuo and Gurman now reporting on it, it's bound to happen soon.

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