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More WWDC 2022 News

April 12, 2022 1:30 PM

The Latest Software Update & Mac News - WWDC 2022

The invites were sent, and everyone is gearing up for WWDC. Here's the latest software news coming from Cupertino.

iOS 16 - codenamed Sydney - is rumored to have minor interface changes. The update will focus more on bug fixes and software stability. There's speculation that iOS 16 will provide an update to health-tracking features and notifications. Therefore, don't expect to see significant interface changes. Interestingly, programmers and others are finding reference code for the rumored virtual headset and how the headset is tied to the iPhone, or other devices, for functionality. With that said, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman doesn't think that the mixed-reality headset is ready to present during the June event. Gurman states that the headset will be launched later in the year, possibly 2023. If we don't see the headset during the event, will we get a peek at the operating system for the headset, rOS?

iPadOS 16 - could see a few welcomed features, one feature, a new way to multitask. WatchOS 9 - as well, won't see many feature changes. WatchOS will focus on updated activity, new watch faces, and health tracking. I haven't heard of any new macOS 13 or tvOS 16 features, according to my research. As we get closer to the virtual event with some students, developers, and media attending in person, we will get more information about these software updates.

Will we see some new hardware? In the past, Apple had released new Macs during WWDC. This year we could see two new Macs, according to Gurman. Gurman was told that a new version of the MacBook Air and other models would be introduced in the mid-year or early second half. What about the Mac Pro? Apple is getting close to its two-year Apple Silicon transition. The Mac Pro is usually showcased during WWDC, so Apple will likely use the event to show us the new Mac Pro with a later release date.

You can check out Mark Gurman's article here:

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