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More Than Just a Studio Display

March 21, 2022 9:00 P.M.

The new Studio Display is arriving on doorsteps across the US. As more and more individuals take delivery of their shiny new display, the reviews are not as forthcoming. The aesthetics of this monitor is second to none. The minimal, clean lines and all-metal frame would make Sir Jonathan Paul, AKA Jony Ive, blush. But there seems to be more to this display than meets the eye. Developers and reviewers share their findings of this display, the good and the bad.

A developer of Twitter, "Khaos Tian," discovered that the Studio Display only uses 2GB of its 64GB of internal NAND storage. This bit of news is fascinating. Apple placed the A13 chip inside this monitor to help power the 12-megapixel camera, spatial audio, and Siri support. But, 64GB of storage, why, and for what reason? Will consumers have the opportunity to use the monitor for more than video calls, listening to music, and getting incomplete responses from Siri? Only time will tell. There are some wild speculations shared online about the vast possibilities Apple could take to make the display more than just a display.

Reviewers reported that the power cable is attached to the monitor and immovable. Apple advised not to remove the cord because it could cause possible damage to the display if removed in the wrong manner. The Editor and Chief of the Verge, Nilay Patel, posted on Twitter a picture of the cable removed, exposing a three-prong connection inside the monitor. Information shared by Stella Fudge on her Twitter page provides an interesting picture of the Apple Support tool used to remove the cable if it needs repairing.

Finally, MacRumors reported that consumers can now upgrade their Studio Display's stand after purchase. This option is great news for those who didn't want to pay an extra $400 for the tilt and height-adjustable stand. Individuals can save their money and purchase this accessory later if they choose to do so.

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