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iPhone 14 - Is It Time to Upgrade?

May 8, 2022

What do you imagine when you hear the word iPhone? What thoughts go through your mind when you picture the iPhone?

To answer my questions, I imagine the next iPhone to be a minimal upgrade if you base that assumption on past Apple iPhone release history. Let's reflect on the 14-year history of the iPhone!

During the Macworld event in January 2007, Steve Jobs shared with the world what they've been working on; the first touch screen phone that included an MP3 player and a web browser. The phone was later released in June 2007. When I first laid eyes on this thing and listened to Steve talk about the device, I honestly thought, wow, the future is approaching. The phone will allow us to have so much access to everything, and it will fit in your pocket.

Speaking of pockets, the form factor of the iPhone has changed through out the year. Let's take a quick dive into the 14 year history.

Original iPhone: - June 29, 2007

Display: 3.5' 320x480 pixels, TFT touchscreen

Camera: 2 mega pixels

Memory: 128 MB eDRAM

Processor: Samsung 32-bit RISC

ARM 1176JZ(F)-S v1.0

Sensors: Accelerometer, proximity

Key iOS Features: OS 1.0 - 1.1

iPod Integration

iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store

Mobile Safari Web Browser

Google Maps

Multitouch Keyboard - Huge!

iPhone 3G - July 11, 2008

There were no changes to the hardware

Key iOS Features: OS 2.0 -2.2

App Store & 3rd Party Apps

GPS Navigation

Microsoft Exchange Support



iPhone 3GS - June 19, 2009

No Change to the Display

Camera: 3 mega pixels & 480p video

Memory: 256 MB RAM

Processor: 600 MHz ARM Cortex-A8

Sensors: Compass

Key iOS Features: OS 3.0 - 3.2



Spotlight Search

Voice Control

Copy, Cut and Paste

iPhone 4 - June 21, 2010

Display: 3.5" 640x960 pixels, LED-backlit IPS LCD

Camera: 5 mega pixels, 720p video/VGA, 420 video

Memory: 512 MB RAM

Processor: Apple A4

Sensors: Gyro was added

Key iOS Features: OS 4.0 - 4.3


HD Recording



Game Center

iPhone 4S - October 14, 2011

Same Display Tech

Camera: 8 mega pixels, 1080p

Same memory

Processor: Apple A5

Same Sensors

Key iOS Features: OS 5.0 - 5.1




iTunes Wi-Fi Sync


iPhone 5 - September 21, 2012

Display: 4.0" 640x1136 pixels, LED panel

Camera: Same 8 mega pixel, 1080p/1.2 MP, 720

Memory: 1GB RAM

Processor: Apple A6

Same Sensors

Key iOS Features: iOS 6.0 - 6.1

Apple Maps


3G/LTE Facetime

Panoramic Photos

Photo Sharing

iPhone 5C & 5S - September 20, 2013

Same Display

Same Camera

Same memory

Processor: Apple A7

New sensor: Fingerprint reader

Key iOS Features: iOS 7.0 - 7.1

Touch ID


Control Center

Upgrades to mulitasking

FaceTime Audio

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus - September 19, 2014

Display: 4.7" 750x1334 pixels, LED-backlit IPS LCD

Same Camera

Same Memory

Processor: Apple A8

New sensor: Barometer

Key iOS Features: iOS 8.0 - 8.4

Apple Pay

Health App

Family Sharing

iCloud Drive


iPhone 6S & 6S Plus - September 25, 2015

Same Display

Camera: 12 mega pixels, 2160p/5MP, 1080p

Memory: 2GB RAM

Processor: Apple A9

Same sensors

Key iOS Features: iOS 9.0 - 9.3

3D Touch



Low Power Mode

Improvements to Notes App

iPhone SE/7/7 Plus - March 31, 2016(SE) - September 16, 2016 (7)

Same Display

Camera: 7MP, 1080p front facing camera change

Same memory

Processor: Apple A10 Fusion

Same sensors

Key iOS Features: iOS 10.0 - 10.3

Apple Maps

Delete Built-in apps

Home app

iMessage Apps

Improved Lock Screen

iPhone X/8/8 Plus - September 22, 2017 (8) - November 3, 2017 (X)

Display: X - 5.8" 1125x2436 pixels, Super AMOLED

Camera: Dual 12MP, 2160p/7MP, 1080p

Memory: 3GB RAM

Processor: Apple A11 Bionic

Sensors: New Face ID

Key iOS Features: iOS 11.0 - 11.4

Siri Translations

Photo Compression

Files app

Face ID


iPhone XS/Max/XR - September 21, 2018 (XS/Max) - October 26, 2018 (XR)

Display: 6.5" 1242x2688 pixels, Super AMOLED

Camera: Dual 12MP, 2160p/7MP, 1080 p

Memory: 4GB RAM

Processor: Apple A12 Bionic

Same Sensors

Key iOS Features: iOS 12.0 - 12.1

Screen time

Siri Shortcuts

Group Face Time

Password management


iPhone 11/Pro/Max - September 20, 2019

Same Displays

Camera: Triple 12MP, 2160p/12MP, 2160p

Same memory

Processor: Apple A13 Bionic

New Siri neural sensor

Key iOS Features: iOS 13.0 - 13.3

Dark Mode

Revamped Maps App

Siri Update

Smart Photos App

Health App

iPhone 12/Pro - November 13, 2020

Display: 6.1 1170x2532 pixels, Retina XDR OLED

Camera: Quad 12MP, 2160p/12MP, 1080p

Memory: 6GB RAM

Processor: Apple A14 Bionic

Same sensors

Key iOS Features: iOS 14.0 - 14.8

Homescreen Redesign

Compact Phone Calls

App Clips

Translate App

App Tracking Transparency

iPhone 13/Pro

Same display

Same camera

Same Memory

Processor: Apple A15 Bionic

Same sensors

Key iOS Features: iOS 15 - 15.2

Focus Mode

Facetime SharePlay


ID Cards in wallet

Native App Redesign

This brings us to iPhone 14/Pro. All we have are rumors and speculations based on leaked schematics and screen hardware.

Based on this information, the biggest change is the notch removal. It appears that Apple may move to a camera cut out design for the front panel. We will definately get upgraded cameras, rumors suggest 48MP.. We should see an increase in RAM from 6 to 8GB.

The chip situation will be a hot topic. It's rumored that Apple will use the same A15 Bionic chip for the regular 14 models. The new A16 Bionic chip will be placed in the pro models only. This will be the first time Apple releases a new phone with the same chip as the previous model. This could be due to chip shortages. This could be a new marketing strategy to get consumers to purchase the pro model. It's going to be interesting how Apple will justify the price of the 14. Will it be the same price as the 13 or will they include a feature that will separate the device from the 13 and therefore justify an increase in price? But I digress. We could see a new sensor, we haven't had one in the past three years.

Rumors also suggest that Apple will get rid of the mini model and move to a new regular 14 Max model. So, we'll have a 6.1 14, a new 6.7 14, along with the 6.1 14 pro and 6.7 14 pro max. Going back to my question, I imagine the iPhone 14 will look similar to the 13 with minor changes to the demensions, the camera bump will be ridiculous. The new hole punch cut out will be a nice change. The hole punch cut out bothers some people but it's not a big deal breaker for me. I see it as an intergral move that will get us closer to a full screen iPhone. The tech isn't there yet and Apple will not ship junk!

Is it time to upgrade? Well, it depends on the phone you currently own. If you have an iPhone 11 or later, maybe an iPhone 12, definitely. If you have an iPhone 13, I wouldn’t uparade. The performance and specks will be similar. The only reason to upgrade would be if Apple releases a game changing feature with the iPhone 14.

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