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Introducing the New iPad Air

March 13, 2022

The new iPad Air comes in new colors, improved front (center-stage), back camera, 5G, Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard support, USB-C, and battery life. The shocking bit of news, the iPad Air now host the M1 chip. Placing the M1 chip inside the new iPad Air is genius. Apple has a way of enticing those who were thinking about purchasing an iPad and introducing an option that is affordable and powerful. You can get the iPad Air for $599.

My opinion, this is a great purchase for those wanting an iPad but never pulled the trigger. If I were in the market for an iPad (I currently have the 2020 iPad) I would definitely purchase this device. The iPad with the magic keyboard provides a laptop experience with the versatility of using the device as a tablet. The iPad Air now has the same functionality for a much cheaper price.

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