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Introducing the Mac Studio, M1 Ultra Chip, & Studio Display

March 13, 2022

Apple introduced an entire new computer, the Mac Studio, Tuesday along side the new Studio Display. The Mac Studio looks like a stack of several Mac Mini computers but this new machine has much more to offer. The Mac studio has all the ports a professional will need to tackle any studio workflow. The reason for the beefy size of the new Mac Studio; fans. The fans will provide the appropriate air flow to cool the efficient award winning M1 chip. Speaking of chip, Apple introduced the new M1 Ultra. The Ultra is essentially two M1 Max chips fused together by a process Apple calls, Ultra Fusion, to create their most powerful chip to date. The specs for the Ultra are off the charts. Intel and AMD are in the process of developing their own chips to compete with Apple, but they not close. Intel won’t be ready to introduce their chip until 2024. By that time, Apple will be releasing the M4 chip. You can get the Mac Studio for $1999 with the M1 Max chip or $3999 with the new M1 Ultra.

A few years ago Apple released the Cinema Display, three models. Later, the Thunderbolt Display was introduced. Tuesday, after brings back a new version of their monitors - the Studio Display. The Studio Display comes in one size, 27 inches, 5K resolution, 12 megapixel camera with center-stage, a new mic array system, six built-in speakers, and the A13 chip. Why would Apple put a chip inside of a monitor? The A13 chip will assist with the proper function of the built-in camera, Siri, and spatial audio. You have the choice of choosing the stand for the monitor. The monitor comes standard with an iMac like stand that only allows for tilt. You can spend an additional $400 to get the Pro Display-like tilt and height adjustable stand. If you’re the type that want to purchase a monitor arm, you can get a Vesa mount for the original price. Speaking of price, the regular price for the Studio Display is $1599, $2199 including the tilt and adjustable arm. My opinion, I’ve been waiting for this option. We now have the option of purchasing a powerful computer for a reasonable price with a monitor built by Apple. After the event, Apple removed the 27 inch Intel iMac from their lineup. It’s been reported that Apple will not release the beloved iMac with their M series chips, for now. My advice, if you were waiting on Apple to release a new M series 27 inch iMac, don’t! You might want to think about purchasing the Mac Studio paired with the Studio Display.

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