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Cad Files of iPhone 14 Revealed

March 16, 2022 9:30 PM

The rumors and leaks of the next iPhone are shared from all sorts of individuals through out the year. Recently, the guys over at 91mobiles shared the cad files of the next iPhone, 14. Based on their sources, the iPhone 14 will indeed have the hate it or love it pill shape and hole punch cut-out design with the ear piece move up to the top of the phone. The remaining physical features of the phone is literally the same as the iPhone 13. What is interesting about the next rumored iPhone is the model line-up and Apple's rumored decision to put the A15 chip in the 2 lower-end model iPhone 14 model and placing the new A16 chip set in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Both models, the regular and pro variants will both have two sizes. If the speculation is correct, we could see a 6.1 in., & 6.7 in., iPhone 14 with the normal 6.1 in., and 6.7 in., Pro models. Apple will no longer sell the iPhone Mini. The rumors will continue until the announcement of the new iPhone in the Fall of 2022. Be sure to check back here to take a look at the latest report of the iPhone and other Apple products.

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