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Apple's Spring Event - Peek Performance Preview

Apple, seriously! Tim Cook, seriously! I think Apple trolled us this week!

The rumors suggested that the invites to Apple's Spring event will be shared on Tuesday, March 1st. Well, the internet was patiently waiting. No invites! So, Apple decides to share the invite on Wednesday!

The invites on Wednesday were shared all over the internet. People thought they were fake, right. But some reputable sources and YouTubers began posting the invite, and when Greg Joswiak posted the invite to his Twitter page, it was official. Every year the invites are highly scrutinized! Every detail on the invites is observed. What little nuggets can we get from the invitation that would suggest what Apple will release during the event? More on that later!

The Spring event last year, April 20th, Spring Loaded, was an excellent pre-recorded virtual event. We got new iMacs in different colors, iPad Pro with the M1 chip, which is crazy, the iPhone 12 in purple, the long-awaited AirTags, and an updated Apple TV 4K.

Fast forward to the September 14th event, California Streaming, another great virtual event. The new iPhone 13 & 13 Pro models were introduced, Apple Watch Series 7, which all the rumors were wrong about that one, and the new iPad mini and iPad.

October 18th event, the title of this event - Unleashed - was fitting! The internet and reviews of Apple's new M1 system on a chip were mind-blowing until Apple unleashed the M1 Pro and M1 Max chip inside their MacBook Pro laptops… new design, more ports. A professional's dream. The HomePod mini in five colors was released as well.

Here we are next week's March 8th event -Peek Performance! Before I get into the rumors of what we should expect, let's discuss the invite itself. Apple can get very cryptic when it comes to invites. All of their invites mean something. Years ago, they would literally tell you in their invites what to expect. For example, the March 2nd, 2011 invite. The date of the event is displayed with the calendar peeled away, showing you a peek at the new second-generation iPad, which I still have, by the way! Over the years, Apple changed the invites to add mystery to what will be released.

Back to the current invite, Peek Performace. What does this mean? What do the 3D graphics and video of the logo mean? Well, peek Performance could mean a beefier chip for the 3rd generation iPhone SE with 5G peek Performance, right. Or it could mean a beefier chip in the 5th generation iPad Air, also with 5G connectivity. Or it could mean a new Mac mini for the brand new, faster M2 chip, with more GPU & neural engine cores, with more I/O, and I'm hoping we will see a new dedicated Apple monitor. And maybe a new MacBook with the M2 chip. It's Spring, right. I am confident that we will see the iPads in several bright colors because of the 3D colorful Apple logo. I'm sure they will also bring some color to a new iPhone 13. Last year the purple iPhone 12 was released. I think it will be a different color this year!

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