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Apple’s September Event Recap

September 16, 2022

Apple held its annual September event, and as always, there were plenty of announcements and reveals. Here's a recap of everything that happened:

Apple announced the all-new iPhone 14 lineup, the new Air Pods Pros, the Apple Watch SE, Series 8, and the new Apple Watch Ultra.

The company showed off the new Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8, and the rumored Apple Watch Pro, or shall I say Apple Watch Ultra! Let’s begin with the new Air Pods Pro 2. The product shares the same design as it’s predecessor but with improved internals. The new Air Pods Pro have been recreated to improve it’s audio experience with the new H2 chip, a next-level active noise cancellation and adaptive transparency, spatial audio, adjustable volume with a new touch control feature, and a much needed battery life improvement of up to 6 hours on one charge. The original Air Pods Pro are such a great product. There’s no denying that version two will again become the top selling product for Apple. The new Apple Watch series SE and Watch 8 in my opinion are minor upgrades. If you’re currently using an earlier version of these watches and want to upgrade, you won’t be disappointed. But, if you’re rocking the 7 series I don’t think upgrading to the 8 will be beneficial. There aren’t enough features in the new Series 8 to justify the purchase. Sure there are some improvements to blood pressure monitoring and body temperature and providing females with the capability to monitor ovulation, but besides that the Series 8 is a just another one of Apple’s minor spec bumps. Now, the star of the event, the new Apple Watch Ultra, is not just your normal spec bump. This watch is being introduced in a whole new category and provides users with new features that are a first. Keep in mind that this watch is geared to a very niche population - Adventurer types. Who are they you ask? Marathon athletes, hikers, scuba divers, etc. The Ultra will be available starting September 23rd. What are the features, a huge 49mm titanium case, 2000 nits of peak brightness, larger crown, two side buttons - the one on the left is designated for quick actions, larger speakers - one that is designated as a siren if you’re lost, three microphone array, depth gauge for those under water adventures, larger battery - up to 36 hrs of normal use, and three new exciting bands that also fit the other Apple Watches. This new device is priced competitively at $799.

Last but definitely not least, the new iPhone 14 models were announced. The iPhone 14 is another minor upgrade. What’s interesting is Apple chose to use the same A15 Bionic chip that’s in the iPhone 13 Pro models. Say good bye to the iPhone mini. Apple introduces a 6.7, non pro, iPhone 14 Plus along with the regular 6.1 model. The 6.7 inch model is predicted to be the top seller this year but there are reports that this isn’t the case. Only time will tell. What’s new, well, emergency SOS via Satellites. Yes, if you’re stranded and you’re in a remote area, you can contact emergency personnel to provide assistance. Better low light photos, improved selfy camera, action mode to steady those moving videos, and now you can now record in 4k 24 fps in cinematic mode. iPhone 14 will be available September 16 and iPhone 14 Plus October 7th. Be sure to watch a plethora of review videos before clicking that buy now button if you haven’t already preordered. Okay, the iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max stole the show due to one feature that no one had a clue about. There were many rumors about the pill and hole punch but not the new software feature Apple engineered to take advantage of the new pill shape - the brilliant “Dynamic Island.”. Strange naming, but it’s here and I’m all for it! Leave it to Apple to use software and hardware together to make your user experience that much better. This feature alone will sell more units. This new design, meaning the new pill shaped redesigned selfie camera and adjusted dot projector face ID sensors, is a welcomed design and reminiscent to the iPhone X when it was announced years ago. Besides the new design, what do we get? Finally, a new bump in the main camera - 48MP, up to 4X the resolution, always on display in all iPhone 14 models, crash detection in all iPhone 14 models, emergency SOS, 4K HDR at 24 fps cinematic mode, action mode for smooth handheld video, the new A16 Bionic chip which they compared to the A13 chip - so basically it’s a minor upgrade from the A15, and improvements to battery life especially in the Pro Max although the new Plus model is designated as having the best battery now. Those are just a few of the most important features. The Pro and Pro Max will be available September 16th. The good new with all of the new iPhone 14 models, no price increases for those who live in the US. Let me know in comments if you’ve preordered any of the new devices? You didn’t preorder but you’re going to stop by your local carrier or Apple store to purchase on Friday? Or are you going to wait and do more research and make a decision? I’m going to wait, I have the 13 Pro and it’s serving me well. I’m really tempted to upgrade and experience the dynamic island. I don’t think in the market for the Apple Watch Ultra. I’d rather purchase a refurbished stainless steel Apple Watch 7. Finally, I’m happy with my Air Pods pro. No need to upgrade there.

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